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Im still alive,belive it or not.
Update on random thing:
-My hair grow back (eyebrows included)
-My hair is red now
-I quit smoking on 4/1/1014, year and a half now ;GO ME!
-I went from vegetarian to vegan
-I got a little resuced pig nearly 4 months ago .Her name is Eugne from the serie Fringe
-Got my 14th tattoo nearly 3 weeks ago.
Not more I think,so how about you Folks??
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I like your hair red! Not much new with me other than paying a shitload to finally get my old bike running. I'd love some new ink, but I don't know what I want. You should post a pig picture!
Sry for the late answer ,but Im so much in stress with work and all this shit.
I love the red ,but and a few weeks its gonna change to Purple