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Cabinet of Curiosities

Tempus Fugit // Mors Venit

1/14/14 02:01 am

Number 13 at the 13th

1/13/14 05:33 am

Watching Jerry Springer at this hour of the morning with A LOT OF COFFEE ...............priceless

1/4/14 06:37 pm

Since the weather is so shitty Im at home doing stuff like this....
So because Im not so much around here ,if someone needs it find me on FB : Mircea Bell.

11/28/13 01:13 pm

Its only 1 P.M. and Im already exhausted

11/27/13 09:10 am - Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Its to early in the morning and Im still sleepy ,BUT I have a long day before me.
Other stuff......
A few days I saw a girl on Facebook whos not only was talking about her miscarriage ,but shes uploaded a bunch of pictures of all this stuff including of one picture that I think it showed part of the dead fetus.
Ok I dont want to be potrayed as an asshole ;Im really sorry for this girl but since when we`ve lost the meaning of privacy??......

11/18/13 09:38 pm

Spent all the whole day eating ans sleeping........
Im so fucking tired today and I dont know why........

11/16/13 01:50 am

Normally i go to bed before 12(yeah Im an old fuck),but between my puppy is sick with the flu or something and Im OBSESSED with drawing and painting I can`t go to sleep now.
Ok Im high on speed too...........
After 8 years Im teaching german agian,to make some extra money.
After long wait my cousine gave me finally the tattoo machine....
Oh and feeling coming home again for posting something.
I missed you all Folks ;)

11/13/13 01:14 pm - Wordless Wednesday


9/14/13 09:59 pm - Work in Progress

This is my very first painting,ok its not finished yet but I like it the way it works.
Now im gonna open a good bottle of Wine and relaxing........

7/18/13 12:39 pm

- Hit the famous 27.
- Got 12 tattoo ( between all that you know,there a 666 on my head to a old germanic rune on my finger )
- Still losing weight.
- Drinking too much coffee.
- 2 months ago ,went to some concert and met again a goy that I saw him at my last High School year(10 years ago) ,I felt in love with the first word ............
- Drawing like a possessed child.
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